Our curious and motivated Perfumers are always looking out for trends, in constant pursuit of innovation, giving free-rein to their creativity thus allowing themselves to propose modern and original perfumes.
     High technology and French know-how, experience and creativity: The modern processes used in our Development Laboratory are available to our clients in their quest for new markets.
     We adapt to cultural and technical requirements of each client.

     Our experience and know-how allow us to offer our clients an optimal olfactive effect in the following applications:
     - Cosmetics (creams and lotions)
     - Shower gels
     - Soaps
     - Shampoos, hair care products
     - Deodorants…

     The formulation of our fragrances is carried out strictly in accordance to your specifications, taking into account technical and regulatory requirements, whilst still leaving room for creativity.

     We are committed to producing stable fragrances in highly technical applications and also to offer an excellent olfactory performance:
     - Washing powder and softeners
     - Household products (washing-up liquid, floor cleaner, window cleaner,…), …

     To create an atmosphere or to neutralize unwanted smells our highly experienced team works on fragrances with optimal diffusion.
     Our perfumes apply to a very wide range of finished products:      - Aerosols
     - Candles
     - (Stick) Diffusers
     - Scented gels…
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